The D&B Business Directory is a searchable directory of businesses from the D&B global database. The largest single source of business information in the world. Through its patented DUNSRight Quality Process,data is aggregated, edited, and verified from thousands of sources daily, transforming enormous streams of data into high quality business insight. As a result, the breadth and quality of our company, industry, and people information is hard to beat.

Our solution set makes your job easier, no matter your function. Whether you are in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, or another role, our insight gives you an informed perspective so that you can aim high and achieve your desired results.

Key Features

  • Search for and view over 20 million company profiles from the D&B database including DUNS Registered companies.
  • Claim a profile and update your company details.
  • Connect with another company on the D&B Business Directory.
  • Add Product Images to your company profile.
  • Place an advertisement for your company with a link to your company profile on the main Directory page.
  • Keep track of the activity on your company profile, including the number of click through's and connections.
  • Download a QR Code that links directly to your company profile on the D&B Business Directory
  • Manage the distribution of your 'Self Evaluation' report to potential customers.

For more information on how your company could benefit from becoming DUNS Registered, click here.