Have you found your company in our database? To claim this business, simply click on the 'Claim Profile' button at the top right hand side of the company profile. Please note, you must be registered and logged in to claim a profile. Click here to Register now.

Your claim request will then go to your local D&B representative who will contact you shortly thereafter to validate your connection to the company. They will tell you everything you need to know to complete this process. You may be asked to provide suitable documentation to prove your association with the company.

Once you are approved, you can then make edits to your company profile. All edits go through our patented DUNSRight® process to validate the changes. Once the changes have been approved, you will see them reflected immediately in your company profile.

If you do not see your company in our database you may need to request a DUNS Number first. To find out more about how to request a DUNS Number, please click here.